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Showa Atlas® 772 Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Fully-coated double-dipped nitrile glove with a seamless knitted liner. 26” length, full arm nitrile coating. Available in sizes: M (8), L (9), XL (10).

SKU: 15D-772

Showa Atlas Nitrile 772 Long Sleeve is a 65 cm (26 in) long glove, made from dipped nitrile over a cotton liner. Showa 772 gloves protect the hand and arm, as well as providing comfort and touch sensitivity. The durable Nitrile coating offers excellent protection against a wide range of chemical substances. The Nitrile-coated sleeve provides splash protection from a wide range of chemicals. The rough textured finish ensures excellent grip. An elastic band and grommet holds the sleeve up on the arm. Launder at 40C (104F) using a neutral detergent. Applications: barrel recycling, petrochemicals, chemical handling, plating, sewerage treatment, oily/greasy applications, fuel handling, refineries, painting, light-to-medium-duty maintenance and clean up.

SizeLarge (09), Medium (08), X-Large (10)
Materialcotton liner, nitrile
barrel recycling, chemical handling, fuel handling, light-to-medium-duty maintenance and clean up, oily/greasy applications, painting, petrochemicals, plating, refineries, sewerage treatment
SKUQuantityUnits of MeasureSize
15D-772-081PairMedium (08)
15D-772-091PairLarge (09)
15D-772-101PairX-Large (10)

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