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NEOX® Neoprene Coated Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Fully-coated, chemical-resistant glove with interlock knit liner. 14″, black. Size: 10.

SKU: 14D-9-924

Better all-around resistance to cuts, abrasions, and chemicals than most other glove coatings. Interlock knit cotton lining enhances puncture and snag resistance. Two-piece lining eliminates irritating seams. Curved fingers and a wing thumb provide a natural fit and greater comfort. CFIA accepted. Applications: refining and petrochemical, degreasing, plating, metal fabrication, handling oils, acids, caustics, alcohols and many solvents, hazmat work.

Materialknit cotton liner, Neoprene
acids, alcohols and many solvents, caustics, degreasing, handling oils, hazmat work, metal fabrication, plating, refining and petrochemical

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