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Neo GrabTM Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Fully-coated Neoprene chemical-resistant glove, with cotton liner. 12” gauntlet. Sanitized®. Size: L (10).

SKU: 15D-6780R

This recyclable glove is multi-dipped in premium-grade neoprene for superior quality and durability and provides protection against acids, caustics, oils, greases and many solvents. It provides excellent all-around protection against physical hazards such as abrasion and cut. The rough finish is excellent for applications where a good wet grip is required. Sanitized® Applications: food processing, battery manufacturing, refining, petrochemicals, degreasing, plating, handling oils, acids, caustics, alcohols and solvents.

SizeLarge (10)
Materialcotton liner, Neoprene
acids, alcohols and solvents, battery manufacturing, caustics, degreasing, food processing, handling oils, petrochemicals, plating, refining

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