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HYD-TUF® Nitrile-Coated, Cloth Back Gloves

General purpose glove with a cloth back, soft jersey lining and safety cuff. Suitable for medium- to heavy-duty applications. Available in sizes: 9, 10.

SKU: 14D-52-547

Outperforms cotton and leather. Driver’s style, with cloth back and soft jersey lining. Snug and comfortable fit. Nitrile coating resists snags, punctures, abrasions and cuts. Excellent dry grip and repelling of oil, grease and grime. Nitrile knuckle strap provides added protection across the back of the hand. Applications: handling cores and castings, operating machinery and equipment, shipping and receiving, maintenance.

Size10, 9
Materialcloth, jersey, nitrile
handling materials, maintenance, operating machinery, shipping/receiving
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