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DSI Dyna-Yard 6ft Shock Lanyard

Polyester “DYNA-YARD” Energy absorbing lanyard with 1 double locking ergonomic snap model FP6650HS at one end and 1 Scaffold hook model FP5395HS at other end (comes with built in Fall Indicator/Checker woven into webbing).

SKU: 32D-FP65814/6

The ”DYNA-YARD`” Lanyard from DYNAMIC has a built in easy to use Fall Indicator/Checker system woven into the webbing, that offers a quick and simple visual check for the recommended and required pre-use inspection. Designed to reduce the impact load experienced during a fall to a maximum of 4 KN (900 lbs) or less. This lanyard meets and exceeds the ANSI and OSHA regulations and is CSA certified by CSA Canada.

Size6 Feet
Certifications 4 KN (900 lbs) or less,  ANSI, CSA Certified by CSA Canada, OSHA
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