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ChloroflexTM Flock-Lined Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Neoprene chemical-resistant glove. 24-mil thick, 13″long. Available in sizes: S (7), M (8), L (9), XL (10).

SKU: 15D-723

Featuring 24-mils of case hardened, chemically resistant, premium-quality Neoprene, Chloroflex delivers excellent protection from a wide range of oils and chemicals that degrade Natural Rubber, resists the effects of heat, sunlight, ozone and aging and provides good protection against abrasion, cut and puncture. Its tractor-tread finish assures a firm grip, wet or dry, and its flock lining absorbs perspiration, allowing for easier donning and doffing. Chloroflex’s ergonomically designed form maximizes worker productivity and comfort. Certified as compliant with NFPA 1992 Chemical Splash Protection in Hazmat Emergencies. Applications: lab, Hazmat, manufacturing, petrochemicals, laboratories, refining, degreasing, electronics manufacturing.

SizeLarge (09), Medium (08), Small (07), X-Large (10)
CertificationsNFPA 1992 compliant
Materialflock lined, Neoprene
degreasing, electronics manufacturing., hazmat, lab, laboratories, manufacturing, petrochemicals, refining
SKUQuantityUnits of MeasureSize
15D-723S1PairSmall (07)
15D-723M1PairMedium (08)
15D-723L1PairLarge (09)
15D-723XL1PairX-Large (10)

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